How is counseling available?

Traditionally, we offered counseling and education services face-to-face in our local offices. This in-person counseling is still available in all of our branch offices. However, we’ve found that many clients are more comfortable seeking counseling by phone, so we offer a national toll-free hotline (1-800-431-8157) to serve any client who needs help anywhere in the U.S.A.

We also offer online counseling. Starting your counseling online allows you to enter your personal financial information which speeds up the counseling process and helps us ensure that your information is accurate.

Will credit counseling stop legal action and creditor phone calls?

We can usually work with creditors to stop collection efforts and minimize legal actions, but the best way to stop creditor calls is to make full, on-time payments. Our debt management plan can help you do that.

What does a credit counselor do during my counseling session?

Our counseling sessions are entirely confidential; a counselor will go over your personal finances and offer expert advice that is tailored to your unique situation. We will help you create a spending plan to cover all of your payments to your creditors, as well as your regular living expenses.

If I need legal advice, can a credit counselor help?

No. We do not offer legal advice of any kind. We recommend seeing a qualified attorney for help with legal issues.

What do you charge for counseling services?

Counseling is provided free of charge. The majority of our other assistance is provided at no or low cost to clients.

Why will credit card companies and creditors reduce payments through you instead of working directly with me?

The creditors don’t have the time or manpower to negotiate with every one of their customers individually. They work with credit counseling agencies like us to create a set of standard concessions that we may offer to clients when appropriate. The creditors also understand that we provide counseling and education, which makes our clients more likely to succeed in repaying their debts.

Are credit counselors certified?

Our counselors are certified by the NFCC. If you need counseling regarding your mortgage, we also have HUD-certified housing counselors available. Certification means the counselor has been tested on his/her financial knowledge.

Is counseling confidential?

All of our counseling is completely confidential. Our records are kept securely to protect our clients’ privacy and we do not share information about our clients with anyone.


Since credit counseling is free of charge and carries no negative consequences to one’s credit, it’s the best place to start when working toward financial freedom.

You can receive counseling by phone or in-person by appointment at our local office locations, so you can feel comfortable and in control while our counselor helps you create a plan to repay your debts and better manage your personal finances.

All of our counseling is confidential, non-judgmental, and tailored to address your specific situation. Your counselor will help you weigh all of your options and answer any questions you have.