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Credit cards have become an easy target for Congressional grandstanding and 
regulations, but beneath the widely criticized rates and fees lie many good 
benefits that are usually hidden in the fine print.

Credit cards can provide
 valuable purchase protections and insurance that are unmatched by cash and
 debit cards. Yet more consumers are forgoing these benefits and choosing debit cards 

Now more than ever it is important for consumers to view their consumer credit reports. Identity theft is reported to be the fastest growing crime and the number one complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission for the past five years. Many businesses are reviewing consumer credit reports on prospective employees, and insurance companies…

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Setting goals is a crucial part of obtaining financial freedom. We stress goal-setting with all of our clients, and here we offer 7 steps to ensuring you will be successful in achieving your goals. When we educate consumers about achieving financial freedom, goals come up early and often.

This article outlines some essential household budgeting tips and guidelines for you to follow. In 35 years of educating consumers about managing their personal finances and conquering their debt, we’ve seen countless different household budgeting strategies. Here is our best recommendations for managing your household budget. With the economy in turmoil, more experts are proposing…

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