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When we educate consumers about achieving financial freedom, goals come up early and often. Setting goals is an essential early step for anyone who wants to achieve success, whether that involves financial, personal, career, spiritual or any other area of individual achievement.

Making regular monthly payments on your debts is the best way to improve your credit score, and late payments are the most significant cause of bad credit. That’s why we stress making your payments on time every month as the most important thing you can do to build a positive credit history as you work your way to financial freedom.

The best tool for teaching your kids about money is an allowance. If you want your children to grow up with good financial sense, you need to start early with a regular, consistent allowance. Giving your kids a source of income and the responsibility of managing it will teach them lessons to last a lifetime….

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Basics of Currency

So far in financial literacy month, we’ve talked about banking, saving, and investing, but today we’re going to focus in on money itself. Currency is any money that is acceptable as a medium of exchange. Typically, that means a government-backed money, issued either in paper or metal coins. National Currencies Each country typically has a…

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If you’re paid bi-weekly on Fridays, then this month might be a 3-paycheck month for you. It happens roughly twice per year for those workers who are paid every other week, and for many of us, it’s like winning a small lottery jackpot.

But rather than squander that occasional 3rd paycheck in a month, use those funds to help bring your personal finances into balance. Here are 5 suggestions for getting the most out of that extra paycheck:

A lot of budgeting for the holidays centers on buying gifts and the like, but holiday meals and gatherings can present a real challenge for those who are trying to get by on a tight budget. We’ve got 6 tips for saving money on this year’s Thanksgiving Dinner: Borrow what you need. Check with your nearby…

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Traditionally, credit counseling services see more women seeking counseling than men. We don’t think that means women have a harder time managing their personal finances; on the contrary, it indicates that women more frequently take responsibility for the family budget.

It’s also an indication that women are more likely to seek help when they are struggling with their budget. Thankfully there are many great resources available that are tailored specifically to women. Here are five of the best: