Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) Programs

The US Treasury administers the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF), which provides aid to the states that were most impacted by the economic crisis.

The program ended on December 31, 2020. States have already concluded the application process.

Each of these states have local agencies that help homeowners in various ways, including mortgage payment assistance for the unemployed, principal reduction, and transactional assistance. This helps people either afford the homes they’re in, or move to more affordable housing.

There are 18 states with Hardest Hit Funds, and homeowners in these states may be eligible for aid even if they don’t qualify for other programs like Making Home Affordable. Credit.org can help you find out if a Hardest Hit Fund has been established that can help you, and point you to the proper local agency. Call today to talk about your mortgage situation and create a customized plan of action designed just for you.


Alabama – Hardest Hit Alabama

  • Allocation: $162,521,345

Arizona – Save Our Home AZ

  • Allocation: $267,766,006

California – Keep Your Home CA

  • Allocation: $1,975,334,096

Florida – Florida Hardest Hit

  • Allocation: $1,057,839,136

Georgia – HomeSafe Georgia

  • Allocation: $339,255,819

Illinois – Illinois Hardest Hit

  • Allocation: $445,603,557

Indiana – Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network

  • Allocation: $221,694,139

Kentucky – Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center

  • Allocation: $148,901,875

Michigan – Step Forward Michigan

  • Allocation: $498,605,738

Nevada – Nevada Hardest Hit Fund

  • Allocation: $194,026,240

New Jersey – The New Jersey HomeKeeper Program

  • Allocation: $300,548,144

North Carolina – N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund

  • Allocation: $482,781,786

Ohio – Save the Dream Ohio

  • Allocation: $570,395,099

Oregon – Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative

  • Allocation: $220,042,786

Rhode Island – Hardest Hit Fund Rhode Island

  • Allocation: $79,351,573

South Carolina – SC HELP

  • Allocation: $295,431,547

Tennessee – Keep My Tennessee Home

  • Allocation: $217,315,593

Washington DC – HomeSaver DC

  • Allocation: $20,697,198


Our Pre-Purchase Coaching and Home Buyer Education will help you become a successful homeowner.Our Pre-Purchase Coaching and Home Buyer Education will help you become a successful homeowner.

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