June is National Homeownership Month

Each June, we celebrate National Homeownership Month. Across the USA, agencies and individuals recognize the importance of owning a home and acknowledge the many benefits of homeownership while working to help those who struggle to achieve this goal.

Throughout this month of June, we will be offering education, advice, and access to our certified housing counselors who can help anyone, no matter where they are in their homeownership journey.

First-Time Homebuyer Education

For those who are considering or actively working to buy their first home, first time homebuyer education (FTHB) is the place to start.

This comprehensive education will help you get started the right way and help you make smarter choices throughout the process. Even those who previously owned a home and spent some time away can benefit from this education.

Graduates of FTHB education courses get a certificate that can help them access special assistance programs at the local, state and federal levels. Depending on the borrower’s financial eligibility, there may be down payment assistance programs or grants to help make home ownership a reality.

Check back regularly to see when our next home buyer education workshop is being held. We offer classes online so you can take them any time, from anywhere.

Foreclosure Prevention Assistance

Those who already have a mortgage should still participate in National Homeownership Month and ensure their mortgage is secure. Anyone who is afraid they may be facing foreclosure in the near future should reach out for foreclosure prevention assistance.

We urge people not to wait to face their mortgage problems. Even if there is currently a moratorium in effect on foreclosures, you’re only setting yourself up for a crisis if you wait. Address your housing issues now, during homeownership month, and be first in line to get help with your mortgage situation.

Homeownership Resources & Guides

Educating people about personal finance is central to our nonprofit mission at credit.org. That includes educating people about homeownership. Check back with us throughout the month of June for more information about homeownership, and be sure to check out some highlights from our archives:

And even when it’s not National Homeownership Month, we’re always offering new content on our blog and free educational materials from our FIT Academy. Make time to take advantage of these free financial resources!

Home Buyer Coaching

For those who are ready to tackle homeownership, we have experts available to give one-on-one guidance through pre-purchase coaching.

This coaching helps you determine what your housing needs truly are, and budget to achieve them. You’ll also explore any available homebuyer programs to help you get a mortgage and ensure you can afford it.

Wherever you are in the process of homeownership, there are resources ready to help you get or maintain your mortgage. Don’t hesitate to reach out for personal guidance today.

Speak to our certified Debt Coaches to review all of your options and discuss best strategies for getting out of debt.Speak to our certified Debt Coaches to review all of your options and discuss best strategies for getting out of debt.