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We’ve produced a series of articles to help our clients and the public at large to opt out of unwanted marketing communications and protect their privacy.

No matter the kind of communication method, there’s a way that spammers and marketers take advantage of the convenience and low cost of communicating to flood you with advertising and offers.

Some offers are legitimate, others fraudulent, but in any case, you will want to control what messages get through to you in order to take control of your personal finances.

Opting Out of Unwanted Texts & SMS Messages

Cellular texts, SMS messages, and other kinds of communications that arrive through your smartphone are important to control. Your phone is always with you, and if you let too many parties text you unwanted marketing messages, it robs you of your time, attention, and potentially cellular data.

Read our article on How to Opt-out of Unwanted Texts & SMS Campaigns to learn more about limiting unwanted texts and SMS messages.

Opting Out of Unwanted Credit Card Offers

Everyone with a credit report could be pre-screened in order to receive credit card offers in the mail. Insurance companies also use this pre-screening to market to potential customers.

Read our article on how to Opt-Out of Credit Card Offers  to limit the amount of junk mail you get and control who can pre-screen your credit report without your advance permission.

Stop Getting Unwanted Physical Junk Mail

Besides credit card offers and insurance solicitations, there are other ways to limit junk mail, like unwanted coupons and catalogs.

Keep your mailbox under control with our article on How to Stop Getting Junk Mail and Opt Out.

Using the Do Not Call Registry for Marketing Calls

Robocalls and other unsolicited phone marketing is a nuisance, especially in the smartphone era. When your phone is always with you, unwanted phone calls are impossible to avoid.

But by opting out, you can reduce the number of unwanted marketing calls you get. Find out more from our article on Using the Do Not Call Registry to Reduce Unwanted Calls.

Stopping Unwanted Email Spam

The toughest unwanted communications to deal with are unsolicited emails, or spam.

We’ve gathered some best practices to help keep your email inbox under your control and avoid getting even more spam.

Find out How to Stop Getting Spam and Scam Emails, but remember—this is an ongoing battle!

Review Your Credit Report for Suspicious Activity

If you’re getting a lot of offers and communications you didn’t ask for, it might be important to review your credit report and ensure no one has compromised your identity or opened new accounts in your name.

Call us today for a credit report review from a personal financial coach.

Manage your personal finances and improve your credit with our tailored, one-on-one Credit Coaching.Manage your personal finances and improve your credit with our tailored, one-on-one Credit Coaching.

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