Current Plan

17.5 Years to pay off debt
    • $10,000 of debt
    • 24.99% interest rate
    • $0 one-time service fee
    • $0 monthly admin fee
    • $250 monthly payment
    • 7.75 years to pay off debt
    • $13,042 in interest cost Debt Management Plan*

5 years or less to pay off debt
    • $10,000 of debt
    • 9.90% interest rate
    • $0-$35 one-time service fee
    • $20 monthly admin fee
    • $225 monthly payment
    • 4.8 years to pay off debt
    • $2,543 in interest cost

On your own:

We estimate that you pay all your creditors about $211 in monthly minimum payments. At this rate your $10,000 debt will take you almost 17.5 years to pay off and cost you an extra $34,318 in interest charges to do so.’s Debt Management Plan:

  • We will work with your creditors and try to reduce your interest rate to an average of 9.99%.
  • We will consolidate your monthly debt payments into one manageable payment of about $213.
  • We will create a plan to pay off your debts in 5 years or less saving you 12.5 years of your life and $ 31,572 in interest charges.
  • We will analyze your income and expenses and help you create a realistic budget that will help you:
  • stay on track with your debt payment plan
  • open up your cash flow
  • create a savings account for emergencies
  • save for the future
  • build a responsible credit history

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* The debt management plan described here illustrates a common theoretical situation. The amount of your interest rates and savings will vary due to your unique credit types, credit score and creditors. Since this calculation is using estimated average numbers, we are not making a gaurantee that your savings will be the same presented here. Your certified, nonprofit counselor will be able to give you a personalized debt management plan and give you accurate numbers.

Disclaimer: This calculator is made available to you as a self-help tool. As such, the accuracy of the figures and the applicability of the calculator in regards to your individual situation cannot be guaranteed. Also, the calculator does not include credit balance insurance and other fees which may be optional. Only by contacting our office at 1-800-431-8157 or by completing our online form and then having a comprehensive counseling session can we determine exactly what your savings could be.