Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan , also known as a DMP, is a debt relief option where a counseling agency works with your creditors to come up with a more suitable monthly payment for your situation. Our debt management plan can include many benefits including:

  • The convenience of one easy monthly payment
  • Reduce your high-interest credit card rates
  • Eliminate late charges and over limit fees
  • A real plan for paying off your debt in 5 years or less
  • Stop collection calls
  • Receive a customized personal budget
  • Review your current credit report
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Get back on track and stay on track!
  • Counseling is free!

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Debt Management Plan from a Trusted Industry Leader is a leader in the consumer credit counseling service industry. Over the years, the majority of our clients benefit from credit and debt counseling alone. Our clients pay nothing for credit and debt counseling, which includes comprehensive financial education and household budgeting assistance. All counseling sessions are confidential and comprehensive. At, our counseling goal is to help our clients self-administer their own debt repayment plans by teaching them sound money management principles and helping them create a livable, realistic budget that allows them to meet all of their financial obligations. We’ve helped over 2 million consumers nationwide since 1974.

Once our clients have completed their credit and debt counseling session, we present them with additional options for further assistance. If we deem a client a good fit, we can enroll them into a debt management plan. Our debt management plans come with concessions from creditors in the form of lowered and/or waived fees, lowered interest rates and more benefits.

Nonprofit credit and debt counseling is good for everyone (it’s confidential, comprehensive and free). You can get started right away without any obligation or risk. After your counseling session, if you want us to consolidate your credit card payments into one manageable monthly payment (without taking out a loan or putting your home at risk) we can further assist you. If our NFCC-certified consumer credit counselors determine that you are a good candidate for a debt management plan, you may benefit from lowered interest rates and/or waived late and over limit fees. We will counsel you on your options and you get to make the final decision.

Talk to a credit counselor and determine if you qualify for a Debt Management Plan.

Our Debt Management Plans And Your Credit Score

After 90 days on a Debt Management Plan, your creditors may re-age past due credit card accounts. In other words, you will be brought current. Having overdue debt payments are a big detriment to your credit rating and score.

Because of the way FICO calculates credit scores, it is possible for your score to temporarily drop when first starting on a Debt Management Plan. This is due to the credit lines being closed and now there is no available credit. However, after a few years of making consistent debt payments on your plan, you will have demonstrated a good payment history along with your credit lines paid down from their maximums and your credit report will reflect that.

Our Debt Management Plans Benefit Individuals and Families

Free Household Budgeting Assistance

We will help you create a household budget you can live with — our free personal finance educational materials and seminars will teach you how to budget your paycheck, understand your credit report, and more.

Cash Money Management Program

We will teach you how to live on a cash basis — so you and your family don’t face mounting credit card debt problems again in the future. Our clients walk away empowered with the personal finance knowledge required to manage their money, save their money and spend their money wiser.

Emergency Personal Savings Fund

We will assist you with starting a crucial emergency savings fund for your household — having “just-in-case” money set aside will help you weather future emergencies without jeopardizing your personal finances. The hardest part is taking the first step and our credit counselors will help you start strong.