Maria Thompson

Credit & Debt Coach

Since 2010, has named its Counselor of the Year award in memory of Bea Cortes, a financial counselor who exemplifies our core values of Integrity, Quality, Excellence and Compassion.

Maria is this year’s recipient. Maria is an exceptional counselor with a genuine desire to improve the lives of every person she contacts. During her tenure she has personally impacted the lives of thousands of families, counseling over 16,588 clients.

“During a counseling session, a client was very distraught about his housing situation. He was severely behind on his mortgage payments and the lender was not able to offer him any assistance to save his home. The client was so upset that during our call, he threatened suicide.

Maria, who has been serving our clients for 25 years now, immediately took action to calm the client, communicating with a tremendous amount of empathy, patience, and understanding. Maria’s quick thinking and very positive responses allowed the client to begin to see his situation with hope versus despair. She helped to explain the options and resources that are available to him as well as offered tangible things he could do to immediately impact his financial situation. She reminded him that his financial situation is only temporary and by making proactive and thoughtful financial changes, he had a brighter future ahead and could even position himself to purchase a home again.

As the call concluded, the client felt more at ease and realized that he is not the only person who may be going through this and stated he would definitely take Maria’s recommendations and advice to heart. Maria was very instrumental in calming the client and giving him hope for a better financial future.”

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