Follow-up to Your Counseling Session

Get the most out of your financial counseling.

To help you achieve financial stability and reclaim your financial future, is participating in the Sharpen Your Financial Focus™ program. This nationwide initiative allows you to take the first step toward achieving your financial goals. Follow all the steps below to access financial reviews, financial self-assessment tools, and educational workshops.

Start your financial assessment in three easy steps:

  1. Take the MyMoneyCheckUp® Financial Stress Test. The online financial self-assessment tool is designed to increase your financial awareness, and provide you with real-world steps to improve your financial well-being. The MyMoneyCheckUp® tool is also available in Spanish.
  2. Contact by calling (800) 449-9818 to schedule an appointment with an NFCC-Certified Financial Professional for a financial review.
  3. Once you finish your financial review, you will receive e-mail instructions on how to participate in a financial workshop. Visit the Learning Center for a listing of online financial instructional training at the FIT Academy.