Credit.org offers counseling by telephone in all 50 states. We also offer in-person counseling by appointment at our local office locations.

Advantages and Benefits

NFCC Certification

Our counselors are certified with the NFCC, which administers a series of tests to verify the counselor’s financial knowledge.

Accredited For Your Safety

As an NFCC member agency, we are accredited by the COA, or Council on Accreditation. This involves regular reviews of our operations to ensure we meet the highest standards for ethics and service delivery.

No Risk

Since credit counseling is free of charge, our clients have nothing to lose. Seeking credit counseling is in no way reflected on one’s credit report or score, so there are no downsides to getting a free credit counseling session.

Learn about managing your finances

Our counseling services are designed to educate consumers about sound money management. You’ll have the opportunity to ask a certified credit counselor any questions you may have about your debts, personal finances, or credit.

Get Options to Eliminating Your Debt

We’ve been helping people get out of debt for four decades. Our counselors draw on that experience to offer strategies and advice for eliminating debt.

Personalized Attention

Every client’s situation is reviewed by a counselor and the education and advice we give is tailored to that client individually. We don’t let computers create generic action plans for our clients.

Alternatives to Credit Counseling

Debt Management Plan

For some clients, prudent budgeting is not enough to make ends meet. A Debt Management Plan brings additional concessions that can lower monthly debt payments and make it possible to repay debts.

It’s unlikely that anyone struggling with credit card debt will be given a consolidation loan, but a debt management plan does consolidate all of a client’s monthly credit debt payments into one convenient payment.

Debt Negotiation

It may be possible to get debt relief by negotiating with individual creditors, but this leaves you at the mercy of the individual collection agent you speak to, and doesn’t address your entire financial situation.

Debt Settlement

Settlements involve paying less than the amount you owe to make debts go away. If a creditor agrees to settle a debt with you, the resulting notation on your credit report will severely damage your credit rating.