Home Buyer Counseling

Helping Home Buyers Become Successful Homeowners

Our HUD Certified Counselors are here to help prepare you to own a home. We provide education, resources, and guidance to make your home buying process efficient, stress-free, and rewarding.

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How We Help


Pre-Purchase Coaching

Prepare for homeownership & gain access to special loans and down payment assistance.


Home Buyer Education

Our courses will empower you during the home buying process and provide the knowledge needed for a successful experience.

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Mortgage Readiness

Prepare yourself and your finances for a mortgage with our Mortgage Readiness Coaching.

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Pre-Purchase Counseling

See if you are mortgage ready, determine how much home you can afford, and let us help you create a personalized plan to make sure the path to your dream home is efficient, stress-free and affordable.

With over 40 years of experience, credit.org specializes in providing Pre-Purchase Homeownership Counseling to people in all stages of the home buying process. We want to help you leap over barriers and successfully complete your journey to homeownership.

Why is Pre-Purchase Homeownership Counseling Important?

For most of us, buying a home is the single largest investment we will ever make – It’s normal to have questions and feel uneasy about the process. Our award-winning Coaches make sure you are fully informed and prepared before taking this big step.

Our HUD Certified Counselors will help you…

  • Determine your personal housing needs.
  • Create a budget tailored to your financial goals.
  • Review and access available and relevant homebuyer lending programs.
  • Review educational homeownership materials to ensure you are not only a successful homebuyer, but a successful homeowner.

Get the Financial Advice that is Right for You

Home Buyer Coaching & Education

Our Home Buyer Education Courses will empower you at any stage in the home buying process with the knowledge and guidance needed for a successful homeowner experience.

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Prepare For Homeownership & See How Much Home You Can Afford

Beginning your home buyer education is simple.

Follow the links below to see if you are mortgage ready and view our online Home Buyer Education courses.

Mortgage Readiness Assessment

Homeownership is more affordable than you may think.

See how much home you can afford with our Mortgage Calculators and Mortgage Readiness Quiz.

Try our calculator below to see how much you can afford for a home in your desired location.

Get the Financial Advice that is Right for You


Get The Financial

Advice That Is Right For You

Build Your Credit.
Get Out of Debt.
Own A Home.

One of our Financial Coaches will contact you to discuss the path to reaching your financial goals.

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