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This article offers six warning signs your spending is becoming a problem. If these signs apply to you, this article may help you spot financial spending danger zones and improve your spending habits. One of the most difficult obstacles our financial education counselors face when dealing with our clients is that they aren’t always honest with…

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Traditionally, credit counseling services see more women seeking counseling than men. We don’t think that means women have a harder time managing their personal finances; on the contrary, it indicates that women more frequently take responsibility for the family budget.

It’s also an indication that women are more likely to seek help when they are struggling with their budget. Thankfully there are many great resources available that are tailored specifically to women. Here are five of the best:

You’ve finally done it! For years you’ve been saving money and keeping your credit record clean, waiting for the right moment to start looking at houses. And now you’ve got enough saved for a down payment and your credit is good enough to qualify for a mortgage. You’ve even been to the bank and started the…

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We’ve been helping people be more financially responsible for over 40 years now. We’ve boiled some of our most common advice down to 10 essential rules: PLAN YOUR FUTURE – Plan for the future, major purchases and periodic expenses. You will not arrive to “financial freedom” parkway, without a road map to guide you. Follow…

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It’s difficult to get exact answers to this important question. Every expert, credit bureau, and loan officer has a different opinion as to where the threshold between good and poor credit lies.

In addition, “good” can be a relative term. Do we mean “good” as in excellent, or “good” as in “good enough”?