In our experience, most employers care about the welfare of the people who work for them. Many employers are aware of the financial difficulty their employees sometimes face, and want to do something to help.

Unfortunately, budgetary realities make it impossible to pay everyone more to help them conquer their financial problems. That’s why we’re available to employers to help educate workers on the wise use of credit, budgeting, and other crucial topics.

By taking advantage of our expertise, employers can offer seminars and workshops that will help their employees get by on their current earnings. In this way we hope to help workplaces become less stressful and more productive.

For more information on credit.org’s Employee Assistance Programs, please call and ask for our education department at 1-877-Wise-Plan, or email education@credit.org


Worried about how to get through the workday when creditors are calling? There’s a simple solution:

  • Call us: Take a few minutes to give us a call and ask for counseling by phone.
  • Try us: Let us educate you about your financial situation and how you can resolve it. We’ll help you understand all of your options.
  • Refer us: Once you’ve learned how we can help you, you’ll want to tell others about us and invite them to make the same kind of positive change in their lives. You’ll also want to tell your employer that they should make information about us available to all employees so that anyone who needs our help will know where to turn.

If you work in Southern California suggest that your employer arrange to have us tell you about credit.org at your place of work. For employers Employee Assistance Programs outside of Southern California, we are able to host a live webinar for your place of employment.

Remember, you can arrange for counseling quickly and easily by calling us at 1-877-Wise-Plan (1.877.947.3752).