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Build Your Credit

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Getting a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Simply put, if you need a mortgage to buy a home and you have bad or even no credit, it’s going to be a challenge. Don’t despair; there are mortgage programs to serve consumers that have less than ideal credit. Why do Mortgage Lenders Care About Your Credit? One of the primary uses of a...Read More read more

3 Ways Baby Boomers Are Getting Out of Debt Faster

Many news stories about debt revolve around the millennial generation. Debt troubles aren’t restricted to one generation, though, and as Baby Boomers enter retirement age, many of them worry how they’ll finance their “golden years.” If you’re hoping to retire debt-free, make a plan to tackle these common sources of Baby Boomer debt. Control Credit...Read More read more

Getting An Annual Financial Checkup

As the new year begins, many people resolve to improve some aspect of themselves during the coming year. Resolutions to diet, exercise, or read more books are common. In our offices we see a lot of people who resolve to pay off debts or to save more money. Resolving to pay down debt is a...Read More read more

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