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Cyber Monday security tips

Cyber Monday Security Tips: Shop Safer Online

With the COVID-19 pandemic still with us, traditional Black Friday shopping will be complicated this year. Many retailers have stated they will not be open at all on Black Friday, and those who do open their doors will have to deal with the challenge of maintaining social distance and keeping their stores within a limited…

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From the NFCC: What Renters Must Know About Eviction Moratoriums through the End of 2020

At, we are proud members of the NFCC. They recently published an excellent article about the current eviction moratoria in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, and we are proud to share the article by Matt Ribe with our audience: Earlier this year, we wrote about the “eviction moratorium” created under the CARES Act. We later…

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Why You Should Never Walk Away From Your Rental Lease

If you rent and are unable to pay or continue living in a rental property for other reasons, you might be tempted to simply walk away from the property and stop paying. Especially if you’re experiencing a financial hardship and eviction is a possibility, you might think “If I’m going to be evicted anyway, why…

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