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Rent4SuccessSM will improve lives and change possibilities by providing a wrap-around service to address the financial education needs of the beginning renter to the prospective homebuyer. Under the Rent4SuccessSM program, renters will receive comprehensive counseling on all steps of the rental process from identifying a suitable unit to negotiating important lease terms. In addition, the program will provide renters with education on state laws and protections, guidance on personal budgeting, and essential steps to take in preparation for future home ownership.

The Rent4SuccessSM program is built on a series of five modules with each step focusing on a different aspect of the rental process. From unit selection to understanding complex lease terms, and finally, education on personal budgeting and credit management in preparation for a future home purchase, the program is designed for both experienced renters and individuals and families seeking rental counseling for the first time. Renters will gain from increased knowledge of their financial obligations while landlords will see the advantages of a well-informed renter through decreases in late or missed payments, longer rental terms, and a more stable property environment.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion to provide their property management company.

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