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Are you 62 years of age or older? If so, you may be eligible for a Reverse Mortgage, a valuable retirement loan that turns the equity you have built up in your home into tax-free cash flow.

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Know the risks, obligations, and
costs for a reverse mortgage


Understand how you retain
ownership of your home


Review the cash flow options
that are available to you


You’ve been working hard your entire life, paying your mortgage month after month, year after year, all along building equity in your home and growing your investment with each payment. Now, it’s the perfect time in your life to access your investment and begin turning your equity into usable cash flow.

Reverse Mortgages are designed to strengthen personal and financial independence for seniors by making funds available and eliminating the obligation of monthly payments while retaining ownership of their home for life.

Commonly Asked Questions

It’s important to understand and carefully consider your decision. There are risks, obligations and costs associated with obtaining a reverse mortgage loan – our job is to make sure you are fully informed and make the best possible decision for your situation.
When you sell your home or no longer use it for your primary residence, you or your estate will repay the cash you received from the reverse mortgage, plus interest and other fees, to the lender. The remaining equity in your home, if any, belongs to you or to your heirs. None of your other assets will be affected by the reverse mortgage. This debt will never be passed along to the estate or heirs.
A Reverse Mortgage counseling session is required if you’re interested in obtaining a Reverse Mortgage. Through, offers non-obligatory counseling sessions that facilitate this requirement. Give us a call today or set up an appointment to learn more.
You have five options:
  • Tenure – equal monthly payments as long as at least one borrower lives and continues to occupy the property as a principal residence.
  • Term – equal monthly payments for a fixed period of months selected.
  • Line of Credit – unscheduled payments or installments, at times and in amounts of borrower’s choosing until the line of credit is exhausted.
  • Modified Tenure – combination of line of credit with monthly payments for as long as the borrower remains in the home.
  • Modified Term – combination of line of credit with monthly payments for a fixed period of months selected by the borrower.

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